Presentations and Publications


Pashia, Angela and Jessica Critten, eds. Credit-bearing Information Literacy Courses: Critical Approaches. ACRL Press, 2019

Refereed Journal Articles:

Critten, Jessica. “Ideology and ‘Critical Self-Reflection’ in Information Literacy Instruction.” Communications in Information Literacy. 9:2 (2015).

Pashia, Angela and Jessica Critten. “Ethnography as Pedagogy in Library Orientations.” Journal of Information Literacy 9:2 (2015)

Kachaluba, Sarah Buck, Jessica Evans Brady, and Jessica Critten. “Developing Humanities Collections in the Digital Age: Exploring Humanities Faculty Engagement with Electronic and Print Resources.” College & Research Libraries 75.1 (2014): 91-108.

Invited chapters:

Critten, Jessica. “Introduction.” in Critical Information Literacy: Foundations, Inspirations and Ideas by Annie Downey. Sacramento: Library Juice Press, July 2016.

Selected Book chapters:

Critten, Jessica and Angela Pashia, “Introduction.” In Pashia, Angela and Jessica Critten, eds. Credit-bearing Information Literacy Courses: Critical Approaches. ACRL Press.

Critten, Jessica and Andrea Stanfield. “Social Constructivism and Information Literacy.” The Critical Library Pedagogy Handbook. Chicago: ACRL Publications, October 2016.

Critten, Jessica. “Death of the Author(ity): Repositioning Students as Constructors of Meaning in Information Literacy Instruction.” Critical Literacies for Information Professionals. London: Facet Publishing, May 2016.

Critten, Jessica, Craig Schroer, and Anne Barnhart. “Logical Fallacies and Sleight-of-Mind:  Rhetorical Analysis as a Tool for Teaching Critical Thinking.” Not Just Where to Click: Teaching Students How to Think About Information. Eds., Troy Swanson and Heather Jagman. Chicago: ACRL Publications, 2015.

Non-refereed works:

Sullivan, Dean and Jessica Critten. “Adventures in Research: Creating a Video Game Textbook for an Information Literacy Course.” College and Research Libraries News. 75.10 (2014): 570-573

Sullivan, Dean, and Jessica Critten. Adventures in Research! [video game for Windows, Mac OS X, and Android platforms]. 2013. Additional contributions by Craig Schroer (music), Heidi Black (artwork).

Book review:

Critten, Jessica. Review of Fundamentals of Library Instruction by Monty McAdoo. Endnotes: The Journal of the New Members Round Table 5.1 (2014).

Invited interviews:

“The Quarterly Interview: Jessica Critten.” LOEX Quarterly. (43) 2. 2017.

Invited Lectures, Panels, and Papers:

Hamilton, Lindsey, Sondra Bland, Jessica Critten, and Yang Wang. “Undergraduate Research & Creative Activities.” Panelist, Undergraduate Experiences Symposium. University of Colorado Denver. 18 October 2018.

Critten, Jessica and Kevin Seeber. “My Lens, Myself: A Hermeneutics of Information Literacy.” Keynote address. California Conference on Information Literacy (CCLI). San Francisco, CA. 29 April 2016.

Critten, Jessica and Andrea Stanfield. “Praxis Makes Perfect: What We Talk About When We Talk About Active Learning.” Keynote address. Atlanta Area Bibliographic Instruction Group (AABIG) Annual Conference. Cartersville, GA. 20 June 2014.

LIS 5524: Instructional Role of the Information Specialist (Nancy Everhart). Guest lecturer. Florida State University. 21 November 2013.

“Teaching the Tough Stuff: Exploring the Librarian’s Most Difficult Instructional Challenges.” Invited panel member. The LYRASIS Polite Debate Society. Webinar. 19 April 2013.

Psycho at the SLC.” Invited panel member. Sponsored by the FSU Honors Council, Florida State University. 22 September 2010.

“Panel and a Movie: The Exorcist.” Invited panel member. Sponsored by the FSU Honors Council, Florida State University. 9 September 2009.

Selected Conference Presentations:

Critten, Jessica. “Toward a Critical Evidence-Based Library and Information Practice.” Canadian Association of Professional Academic Librarians conference (CAPAL). Vancouver, BC. June 2019.

Pashia, Angela, Jessica Critten, CJ Ivory, Nancy Foasberg, Joel Burkholder, Amanda Foster. “Critical Approaches to Credit-Bearing Information Literacy Courses.” Association of College and Research Libraries Conference. Cleveland, OH. April 2019.

Critten, Jessica. “Start Research from Marginalized Lives’: Teaching about Research Using Standpoint Epistemology.” Critical Librarianship and Pedagogy Symposium. 14 November 2018.

Critten, Jessica. “Doing Killer Research: Developing Information Literacy in Context.” Library Instruction West Conference, Grand Junction, CO. July 2018.

Ivory, CJ, Kimberly Britt, Jessica Critten, and Joe Marciniak. “Free the Textbooks: Using Library Resources to Support a Low/No Cost Course.” Innovations in Pedagogy Conference. University of West Georgia, Carrollton, GA. May 2018.

Seeber, Kevin, Jessica Critten, Dani Rowland, and Nicole Pagowsky. “Critical Foundations: Intersections between Critical Librarianship and First Year Experience.” Library Instruction West Conference, Salt Lake City, UT. July 2016.

Critten, Jessica. “’The One Language that has Eaten All Others’: Evidence-Based Practice in the Neoliberal University.” Co-panelist with Maura Seale and Karen Nicholson. Critical Library and Pedagogy Symposium (CLAPS), Tucson, AZ. 25-26 February 2016.

Critten, Jessica. “Death of the Authority: De-Centralizing the ‘Author’ in Information Literacy Instruction.” Canadian Association of Professional Academic Librarians (CAPAL) Conference. Ottawa, Ontario. 2 June 2015.

Nicholson, Karen, Jessica Critten, Ryan Randall, and Eamon Tewell. “Critical Information Literacy as Collaborative Praxis.” Cultural Studies Association (CSA) Annual Conference. Riverside, CA. 21 May 2015.

Critten, Jessica and Kevin Seeber. “Process, Not Product: Teaching and Assessing the Critical Process of Information Literacy.” Association for College and Research Libraries (ACRL) Annual Conference. Portland, OR. 27 March 2015.

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